UpcomingShining Light into the Shadows

Weekend Workshop

Led by With Anna-Lisa Adelberg and Doshin Roshi
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  • Berkeley, CA
    July 26, 2019 - July 28, 2019
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Heal your blind spots and challenge your invisible assumptions!

Please join us – July 26th at 5pm through July 28th at 6pm – for this adventurous weekend workshop with Zen Master Doshin Roshi & acclaimed healer & teacher Anna-Lisa Adelberg, where we will use multiple approaches to explore the fascinating realm of Shadow Work.

We will combine the Zen tradition’s powerful gift of cutting through delusion with Luminous’s unique quality of attunement and warm embrace, to dive into the subtle and interconnected dimensions of our beings.

After opening our hearts with meditation, we will learn to illuminate our ego structures and explore our individual and collective shadows from pure selfless awareness. From here it is then possible to restore healthy balance to our lives by bearing witness to what is, and simply allowing things to be exactly as they are.

You will:

  • Learn how to reclaim the emotions you’ve suppressed
  • Integrate the sub-personalities you’ve disowned, learning practical tools for illuminating ego structures & blind spots
  • Participate in and connect with the natural healing energies that lie at the heart of all creation
  • Learn methods to experience profound glimpses into the deepest truth of who we really are

If you think you are experienced in shadow work, get really curious! What would integrating your shadows look like without our individual and collective opinions, beliefs, values, biases, and prejudices, and without the attractions & aversions of the ego mind?

Come learn how to let your body, your emotions (likes and dislikes), your thoughts (opinions and beliefs), your dreams, and especially your conflicts, inform and liberate you. Learn to differentiate between your disowned selves (shadows) and your undeveloped selves (golden shadows).

Location: Neyborly Poet's Corner

2043 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, California, 94702, United States