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Integral Zen One-on-one Meetings
  • Touching the True Face Session [1 hour] - Continuing in the footsteps of his teacher JunPo Roshi, Doshin has begun teaching a small group of apprentices what he calls the practice of “Touching the True Face.” JunPo used to say: “Your angst is your liberation.” Doshin extended this teaching and says: “Your conflicts can liberate you.” Your very conflicts can themselves be a Dharma gate that opens to a direct experience of awakening to the realization of no-self and the embodiment of pure selfless awakened mind. If you are interested in experiencing “Touching the True Face” for yourself please contact us at [email protected].
  • Introductory Meeting [1 hour] - If you are new to Integral Zen and this is your first time to schedule an appointment, choose a 1 hour “Introductory Meeting”. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your meditation, Integral Zen, or Integral Awakening: Waking Up, Growing Up, Fucking Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up as an awake, compassionate, whole and healthy human being.
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  • One on One [1 hour] This is a private meeting between a Zen student and an Integral Zen lay teacher or teacher in training. The intention is to advise students and answer questions about their practice. If you are a returning student wanting to check in about your practice you should choose this option. Questions should be limited to your Integral meditation practice, which includes: Waking up, Growing up, Fucking up, Cleaning up and Showing up as a fully awake, compassionate, healthy and whole human being.
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  • Awareness Intervention [1-2 hour](by Invitation Only) This is a meeting between a Zen student and an Integral Zen lay teacher or teacher in training. The intention is to guide students with language into an experience of “wu.” What is wu? Wu is a Chinese word, Japanese is “mu”. It is difficult to translate into English. The best translation for our purposes of Integral Awakening is “nothingness.” It is ironic that a direct experience of nothingness, the emptiness that isn’t empty but awake, can change your life.
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Dana: the priceless practice of giving generously

Dana means “selfless giving” or “giving without conditions or ego agendas”. Integral Zen does not charge for any of these offerings; we do not charge for the Dharma because the work is just too important. Ironically, Integral Zen does rely on the generous gifts of Dana from members of the Integral Zen Sangha and Community. This work is possible because of your generous support and donations. Please practice generous giving - Dana by making a contribution.

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