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Doshin Roshi Asks Ken Wilber Some Interesting Questions

This interview of Ken Wilber was done in preparation for a dialogue between Ken  and Doshin Roshi that was broadcast live by the Findhorn Foundation in collaboration with the Holistic Centers Network (HCN) and Integral View on 6 October 2017. The transcript of this video  provides a philosophical framework for the live dialogue.

This material is priceless, reflecting deep insight and great Integral knowledge. It focuses on many contributions, problems, blind spots, possible healings of the whole postmodern egalitarian age. This age has given birth to many Transformational Centers all over the world. Many like the Findhorn Foundation are part of the HCN.

These Transformational Organizations reflect the values and beliefs of this postmodern egalitarian age. They have brought great gifts, and suffer from the same problems and blind spots. Shining light on all this and cultivating great curiosity on the questions ‘What will the Transformational Communities of tomorrow look like? What needs to die, so something new can be born?’

Beginning with Bodhichitta (the clarity of great selfless caring), this material is presented here with clarity and compassion for the benefit of all beings.

Ken Wilber answers an integral koan

Ken Wilber answers a koan asked by Doshin Roshi

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