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Integral Zen Healing - An Online Webinar, Foundations, the early chakras Level 01

$150.00 - $225.00


Integral Chakras – Foundations of human nature – exploring the early chakras and how they deeply impacted our lives and who we are

  • In this webinar we will explore our first three chakras more deeply, the Root, the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras
  • We will dive more deeply into the big “WHAT” we were born into, family, ethnically, culturally, paying particular attention to religious and secular contexts within an Integral
  • Framework. We will be noticing differences and similarities between pre-modern religious, modern scientific, and post-modern relativistic egalitarian worldviews
  • We will explore the individual and collective contexts and influences more deeply
  • We will consider and investigate ancestral histories and the influence of not only the seen, but unseen
  • We will spend more time doing group and breakout explorations, exercises and discussions

Prerequisite for the course: Intro to Integral Zen Healing Webinar One. 

$150 Price for those who completed Webinar One is, with the

$225 Price for those who need the recordings for the pre-requisite first Intro Course

Optional donation to support the healer and future teachings.

Starts Sunday January 14th, 2024, six week course

Questions: [email protected]

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