The Whole Spectrum of Shadows - Level 3 -State Shadows

Jan 23, 2021 2:00 pm EST - Feb 27, 2021 4:00 pm EST
Led by Michael Nelson (Doshin)

The Whole Spectrum of Shadows – Level-3 – State Shadows

The idea that there are such things as “State Shadows,” frankly never occurred to me until I read in The Religions of Tomorrow, that Ken Wilber defined Shadows as: “Addictions and allergies in structures and states of consciousness, and what drives them.”

Structural shadows were obvious. They were disowned selves or split-off sub-personalities. What drives the disowned sub-personalities was also obvious. They were all the insecure attachment issues and traumas, the preverbal, developmental and shock traumas. All the things that lie at the root of the shadows, energizing them. But state shadows were another matter. They were not so obvious. What are state shadows?

The main intention of this webinar is to make state shadows as visible as possible. This requires establishing a conceptual context that promotes an experience, as well as an understanding of both conscious and unconscious addictions and allergies to structures and states of consciousness, and what drives them.

A merely intellectual understanding without adequate direct experience of states, is unfortunately the norm in western cultures. We will explore many perspectives on states of mind and states of consciousness. In my experience as a so-called “Integral Zen Master,” the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding states of consciousness is one of the most serious problems and shadows of modern and postmodern worldviews, as well as the emerging “Integral Community” itself.

Using the wisdom of Buddhism, Depth Psychology, and Integral Theory, we will further our exploration of the territory of states by examining state shadows.

This is a unique course with radical new material and perspectives. It breaks new ground and may well prove valuable for each of us individually as well as collectively relative to our survival as a species.

If it calls to you, come join us.

This is a live course.  We would prefer that you sign up with the intent to attend, but if you cannot or do not want to we will record the sessions and post them with the materials afterward.

Existing meditation practice and at least one previous Integral Zen retreat or class is highly recommended. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about attending without previous Integral Zen experience.

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