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Integral Zen 7 Day Zen Healing Retreat, Franciscan Retreat Center, Colorado Springs, CO March 13-20, 2023

Mar 13, 4:00 pm - Mar 20, 10:00 am MST

Mar 13, 7:00 pm - Mar 20, 1:00 pm EDT

Franciscan Retreat Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Led by: Doshin Nelson


This retreat is full, you can apply to the waiting list in case a space becomes available.

7 Day Zen Healing Retreat

March 13th - March 20th, 2023
An Integral Zen Retreat
– Where Silence and Healing Converge

Silence is not the absence of Sound

Silence is the absence of You ~Wu Hsin


Individual Holons heal in a collective context of social holons,

which contrary to common beliefs are not living beings

with body/minds that have the capacity to awaken or heal

Poison is medicine, and medicine is poison. The silence of a Zen retreat minimizes the aspects of ego structures that hinder both awakening and healing. The body/mind’s intuitive return to health and balance is deeply supported by the container of a Zen retreat. Roshis and Healers must acquire knowledge and experience, as well as cultivate deep insight and Wisdom. An Integral Zen Healer must draw upon deep insight to see “what is” and acquire knowledge and experience to facilitate healing. True healing uses poison as medicine and medicine as poison to assist healing. Both awakening and healing require pure discernment. We must discern the right thing to do, the right way to do it, the right time to do it and most importantly, we must spontaneously do it for the right reason. Both Knowledge and Wisdom are required for both awakening and healing.

In this world that seems to be going increasingly crazy with many culture wars of “us” at war with “them”, healing is the most compassionate thing you can do to benefit all beings including yourself and those you love. Integral Zen starts with a container of Silence, which cultivates insight, we add deep respect for the teachings and methods of ancient Eastern practices of Healing and Wisdom. On this retreat we will use ancient and integral methods to facilitate awakening and healing by moving energy into living balance.

These are just words, If you find the words confusing, don’t let that deter you. Just come experience the retreat, the silence, and the healing for yourself.


I am very excited and grateful to Doshin Roshi and the Integral Zen sangha as we explore new territory in our first Integral Zen Retreat combining silence and healing. The location of The Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs is beautiful. I look forward to introducing some of the varied traditional healing methods I have learned from long established Eastern healing traditions and am excited to share these practices with all who attend. There is no substitute for the shared experience of gathering together in silence with Doshin Roshi, while practicing awakening and healing together in the context of a silent Zen Retreat. Sitting in silence together while working one on one with the intention of both Integral Awakening and Integral Healing. This kind of work is powerful, mysterious and can be life transforming. I look forward to being of service to you, and ultimately for the benefit of all beings. Deepest gratitude and respect to Doshin Roshi for being such a visionary and so open for this, as well as his groundbreaking work in shadows and collectives, which will also be explored.

-Janel Jiryu

Retreat Pricing:

Single occupancy $1,250

Double occupancy $975 (limited numbers of rooms)

Triple occupancy $875 (limited numbers of rooms)


Registration is not open yet, but you may add yourself to the waiting list.

If you are registered, you can access the course link, info, videos, and materials in the my profile section of the website.