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Integral Zen 7 Day Retreat - Arizona

Mar 6, 1:00 pm - Mar 13, 10:00 am MST

Mar 6, 3:00 pm - Mar 13, 1:00 pm EST

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, Arizona

Led by: Doshin Nelson


Why is it everyone knows we are going to die, yet no one believes it?

An unexpected brush with death and dying creates a sudden opening for deep spiritual transformation to take root. Routine and rhythm broken, the “wa” – the comfortable mundane fabric of life – is disturbed. Thrust into the unknown, all we have learned and think we know is of little use, when facing vast unknowable mystery. Standing alone, we are stark naked in absolute poverty.

Everything is burning and eventually will burn away. And yet, “What is Mu?” What is this mystery of nothingness, that can’t be burned away, that is present now, was never born, and will never die?

In the West, we learn to avoid our deepest fears, robbing ourselves of the opportunities and experiences that will help us Awaken and find our very aliveness. If you dare to venture into this desert for this retreat, you will be led to a placeless place where the heart can break open to unspeakable mystery and joy. You must, choose to enter.

Homework includes reading: Journey of the Mind, Putting the Teachings of the Bardo into Effective Practice, by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche (Instructions to get a specific version of the book will follow.)

DoShin Michael Nelson, Roshi is a poet, writer, and Zen Master of no rank. He is the founder of Integral Zen, and the Poetry of Dying Retreats which provide support for those deeply affected by a brush with death and dying, as well as an opening for those who choose to look into the mirror of death to re-examine the priorities, direction, and the quality of aliveness of our lives.

Read Doshin's full letter here.

Important Notes

  • If you are limited in your ability to walk a distance, please let us know so we can accommodate housing.
  • If you have food allergies, please let us know.
  • The retreat center is off grid! No large appliances.

Covid policy

  • If you are vaccinated, you must take a rapid test within 24 hours of arriving.
  • If you are not vaccinated, you must take a PCR test within 72 hours of arriving.
  • Waiver will need to be signed
  • Periodic temperature checks
  • Rapid test will be required if any sign of illness or high temperature
  • Masks not required but encouraged around retreat staff
  • Arizona guidelines:

Refund Policy

  • $250 payment to Integral Zen is non refundable, but can be transferred to another retreat until one month prior to the retreat
  • Room and board payment to Diamond Mountain is subject to their refund policy