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Integral Zen 7 Day Retreat Creighton University, Iowa 2023

Aug 13, 4:00 pm - Aug 20, 10:00 am CDT

Aug 13, 5:00 pm - Aug 20, 11:00 am EDT

Creighton University, Iowa

Led by: Doshin Nelson


Integral Awakening Zen Retreat

It was not a Zen Master, but a Jesuit Priest named Anthony de Mellow who asked this wonderfully troubling question: “What is the only water that will quench our deepest thirst? His answer was “silence.” And then he asked: “What is silence?” His answer was “meditation.”

This silence is not the absence of sound,

It is the absence of you.

~ Wu Hsin

Come taste the deepening Silence of a Zen Meditation Retreat and feel it break your heart as open as the empty sky. This is the healing medicine that each of us truly needs in these increasingly difficult times.

The retreat will include silent meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, healing meditation,

7 Days and 7 Nights – August 13th to 20th, 2023

If you have not attended at least one of Integral Zen’s week long retreats, email Janel at [email protected]  


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