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While there is no charge for the opportunity to meet with an Integral Zen lay teacher, we invite you to consider giving Dana (a selfless donation). Dharma teachings are given by Dharma teachers from the spirit of generosity. Expecting nothing in return is an essential test of the purity of the teachings. It is said that “The Tao that can be spoken is NOT the true Tao.” In the same way, “The Dharma that can be sold or purchased is NOT the true Dharma.

While Integral Zen is a not-for-profit religious organization, contributions are always welcome and necessary. Please donate generously so that the women and men of Integral Zen can continue this work. The practice of giving with the spirit of generosity or “Dana” is an important part of our Zen discipline and practice. (See below for more on Dana)

Meetings with an Integral Zen Lay Teacher

If you are new to Integral Zen or a returning student and would like to schedule an appointment with an Integral Zen Lay Teacher

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Pre-arranged Meetings with Doshin

Meetings with Doshin are all pre-arranged and by invitation only.

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Dana means “selfless giving” or “giving without conditions or ego agendas”. Practicing actively giving generously without expecting anything in return, helps Zen students to see through the illusion of self and our clinging to the perpetual delusions of our ego. These are two major parts of our Integral awakening work. We all tend to get stronger at those things we practice. Giving Dana is one way to practice realizing no-self. Integral Zen does not charge for any of these offerings; we do not charge for the Dharma because the work is just too important. Ironically, Integral Zen does rely on the generous gifts of Dana from members of the Integral Zen Sangha and Community. This work is possible because of your generous support and donations. Please practice generous giving - Dana by making a contribution. Give Dana (Donation)