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Integral Zen offers several opportunities for you to connect in-person with one of our senior practitioners. These offerings provide an opportunity to learn more about what we are up to, experience some of our core practices and evaluate if we are the right path to support your awakening. We do not charge for the Zen (Dharma) related offerings, and this is critically important work. We strongly encourage donations. Here is a suggested guideline to consider when making a contribution:

For example, I earned money in college by tutoring. I couldn't decide on a fixed price, because some students were incredibly wealthy and some quite poor. So I charged them, per hour, whatever they made an hour...[Ken Wilber, Right Bucks]

Integral Zen, Inc. is a non-profit religious organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Free Offerings of Dharma

All of these Zen related (Dharma) offerings are given freely in the spirit of generosity. They are free and supported by donations.

About Doshin Roshi

Doshin Roshi is a poet, teacher, and Zen troublemaker – a Zen Master of no rank.  He is the founder of Integral Zen and the Poetry of Dying Project, which uses the mirror of death to point to the essence of life.  Doshin worked directly with JunPo as he first released and then developed the Process of Mondo Zen. Doshin uses several similar methods, he calls “Wu Technologies” to initiate curious seekers into a direct experience of nothingness, a glimpse of the deepest truth of who we are – pure selfless awareness unpolluted by the perceptual illusion of self and the perpetual delusions of conditioned ego mind.

Doshin received Inka, Dharma Transmission, from JunPo Roshi in 2011 and became the 84 th Patriarch in the lineage of Rinzai Zen.

Integral Zen’s Shadow Integration Technologies

As the Psychiatrist Roger Walsh says: “Everybody has shadows.” There are no exceptions to this. The question is not: Do you have shadows? Of course, you do! We all do! The relevant question is: Do you see your shadows, your blind spots, your prejudices? Can you articulate what they are? Can you see and articulate the impact they are having in your life and on others? And most importantly, can you re-integrate your shadows, your split-off subpersonalities, back into your personality structure and your life? Can you return your life to a state of authentic wholeness?

Ken Wilber’s definition: “shadows are addictions and allergies in states and stages and what drives them” brilliantly provides the foundation of Integral Zen’s Shadow Integration Work. At Integral Zen, we examine the whole spectrum of Shadows from split off subpersonalities at each level of ego development, collective shadows (blind spots and prejudices) and state shadows. Then we examine “what drives them”. We look more deeply, into the roots of: instincts; archetypes; kleshas; preverbal, developmental and shock traumas; as well as insecure attachment issues that begin in early infancy. Once the shadows have been witnessed and identified, then we learn to work on them from Zen Mind.