Courses & Workshops

Not everyone has the time or the money to attend our retreats and sesshins, so we have created courses to share our unique Integral Dharma with you in the comfort of your own home.

Our courses are designed to educate, challenge and provoke you into a deeper understanding of our 4 main areas of focus, which are:

  • Waking up – tasting the deepest truth of who you are
  • Growing up – developing your relative self and increasing your capacity to take perspectives
  • Cleaning up – Taking a look into the parts of yourself you don’t want to face, your darkness and your shadows
  • Showing up – Taking this dharma and your most compassionate and awakened self into the world in service of others

All of our online courses include different forms of media and styles of teaching transmission to engage and motivate you within your leaning. They are all self-paced and self-led and take you through step by step in your understanding of the material. All courses require you to fully participate and continually attempt to skillfully articulate what you are learning as a way to deepen your understanding and embodiment.