Integrating our Shadows Webinar

Three online courses exploring the creation, disowning, denying, then reintegrating of our shadow selves

Join Doshin Roshi from Integral Zen, in this interactive, introspective and exploratory journey into our shadows from meditative mind. In a series of three courses – levels 1, 2 and 3 – we will cover the following areas:

  • What are shadows and who has them?
  • The difference between, shadows, trauma, insecure attachment and karma
  • The inter-personal dynamics of absolute and relative selves.
  • Superficial and deep collective shadows (demons)
  • Disowning and denying unacceptable emotions
  • Developmental trauma and disowning emotions
  • An Integral map of how our ego develops
  • 1-2-3 creation of shadows and the 3-2-1-0 process of reclaiming shadows from 2nd Tier – Causal/Witnessing perspective
  • How to become a whole and complete person and why it is important for deep healing and for spiritual awakening.
This powerful work of Integral Zen, provides a taste of waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up for the benefit of all beings!

Level 1 — What color is your shadow?

Using the insight of pure Awareness and the knowledge of developmental theory, we explore the parts of ourselves that have been rejected and disowned in order to survive. Learning to be uncomfortable and look at the distasteful parts of “me” that have been suppressed, provides an opportunity to reclaim what has been split off.

This leads to integration, greater wholeness and authenticity.  Learning to see all this, as not being a problem, is quite helpful.  It enables us to appreciate it as a process of creative adaptation to the overwhelming difficulties of life we face as we are growing up through stages of development.

These shadows include the disowned sub-personalities as well as earlier developmental traumas, insecure attachment issues and karma.  Once you begin to experience this, you will never look at yourself in the same way.

Starts Sunday 1st September, 2019 with weekly meetings ending on Sunday, October 13
Each session lasts 2 hours starting: 10:30am PDT, 11:30am MDT, 1:30pm EST, 6:30pm GMT, 7:30pm CET

Offered on a sliding scale donation basis, suggested donation (US$): $250 – $175 – $100

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Level 2— What color are the collective shadows of the groups you Interact with?

“Birds of a feather flock together.”  Individuals usually flock together in groups that share the same feathers—similar beliefs, values and blind spots.  These collective belief systems and blind spots can be studied and categorized using the same stages of development.  This enables us to develop powerful new ways of looking at and understanding group inter-dynamics that explain many of the culture-wars that can’t be understood with current, less complete ways of thinking. Keeping in mind what Anthropologist Weston La Barre, said: “The only difference between a culture and a psychosis is the number of people involved,” we examine an old question with new tools.  The question: How can an individual awaken, grow, heal and maintain a reasonable level of sanity in an insane world?

Dates: Fall 2019. Exact dates TBA
Offered on a sliding scale donation basis, suggested donation (US$): $250 – $175 – $100

Level 3— State Shadows –  what states have you experienced and where do you live?  

In order to begin to see even the possibility of State Shadows, we will need to do some work.  We will begin with a simple model of three states of consciousness and then expand our model to four and five states. In the three-state model there are: The Gross, Subtle and Causal States. The objects of experience of the Gross state are the objects of our five senses—things we can see, hear, taste, smell and touch.  The Causal state has no objects to be experienced; it is the state before objects arise, the absolute void, an emptiness of all objects.  The Subtle state is the field of all objects that can be experienced, other than Gross physical objects of the five senses and the lack of any objects in Causal state.  Using the wisdom of Buddhism, we complete the exploration of the territory Wilber describes in The Religions of Tomorrow, where he says: “Shadows are addictions and allergies in States and Stages, and what drives them.”

Dates: Winter 2019
Offered on a sliding scale donation basis, suggested donation (US$): $250 – $175 – $100