Integral Zen Blogs


Hello world!  Welcome to the new Integral Zen website.

All of us here at Integral Zen are deeply grateful for these teachings and these practices, which have deeply transformed our lives.  Our families and we have born witness to the positive karma that has filled our lives.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

This is the first of many blogs.  This blog page is designed for you to explore what we are up to at Integral Zen.  There will be blogs and some longer essays which explore many topics including: Buddhism, traditional Zen, Integral Zen, shadow work, states and stages of consciousness, evolution,Doshin1 waking up, growing up, and applied Integral Theory.  We will be exploring the many aspects of our complex postmodern selves including our: gross physical self, subtle soul self, causal spirit Self, and the One and only nondual True Self.

We will venture into all quadrants by exploring the 4 Quadrant Practices of Integral Zen: Mondo Zen™, Illuminating Zen, Embodied Zen, and Collaborative Zen.

If you have already seen through the delusion of past and future then you realize there is only now.  That means there is no time to waste.  This waking up and growing up is a matter of life and death!

These rigorous practices will transform your life; and like a stone dropped into still water, this deep transformation will ripple through the lives of every one you love.

You are welcome to join us