Hollow Bones Retreats, Lead by Jun Po

Jun Po Denise Kelly, the Abbot of The Hollow Bones Order and Doshin’s teacher, is offering Mondo Zen Retreats

Led by Jun Po Roshi

Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

Mondo Zen  is a modern American Zen meditation retreat. Its root and form are adopted from the Japanese Samurai Rinzai Zen Tradition. In this school of Zen, it is essential that you awaken now, and there is a fierce insistence that you do. Meditating, sitting quietly is not enough. You must awaken! You must become free! You must answer the question, “Who Are You” from the depth of realization, not speculation.

We encourage people to learn more about Mondo Zen and experience the depth of these teachings, with the master who brought them to life.

Jun Po is offering the following retreats:

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