Integrating Your Shadows - a Path of Liberation [8 Day Retreat]

Apr 19, 2020 5:00 pm PDT - Apr 26, 2020 6:00 pm PDT
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, California
Led by Doshin

Shadows are those things that we hide, repress or deny about ourselves. They are a primary cause of our negative, emotional reactivity and they prevent us from fully and completely expressing our true nature. In order to live fully free and loving lives, we must shine the light of Pure Awareness into the darkness to illuminate these shadows and then integrate them into our very being. These Shadows can become allies! We can transmute them into Right Action, Pure Discernment and Selfless Equanimity.

“Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.” ~ Nietzsche

The Integral Zen "Shadow Integration Retreat" includes powerful meditation instructions, an ego illumination and awareness intervention process. After a full day of meditation, we will learn to illuminate our ego structures and explore our individual and collective shadows from witnessing mind— from pure selfless awareness. This will be an adventure.

If you think you are experienced in shadow work, get really curious: What would integrating your shadows looks like without your individual and collective opinions, beliefs, values, biases, prejudices, without the addictions and allergies of ego mind. We are part of Nature. Come learn how to let your body, your emotions (likes and dislikes), your thoughts (opinions and beliefs), your dreams, and especially your conflicts, inform and liberate you. Come learn to differentiate between your disowned selves (shadows) and your undeveloped selves (golden shadows).

Learn to:

reclaim the emotions you have suppressed,

integrate the sub-personalities you have disowned, and

develop the parts of yourself that have been oppressed.

Location: Yokoji Zen Mountain Center

58900 Apple Canyon Rd, Mountain Center, California, 92561, United States

Yokoji Zen Mountain Center is a year-round Zen Buddhist training and retreat center located in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California. It is a 160 acres of sacred Native American land and wilderness. YokoJi Zen Mountain Center was founded 1981 by Taizan Maezumi, Roshi as a summer retreat center for the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

Room and Board

Housing: Sleeping is dormitory style in single gender rooms. Room assignments will be made as a part of the check in process. Please note: linens are NOT provided. You will need to bring a sleeping bag (or equivalent), pillow (if needed) and a towel.

Meals: A vegetarian diet will be observed for the entire retreat. All food is organic and as locally grown as possible. Meals may include dairy. If you have any food allergies or medically prescribed diet , please let the Registrar know as soon as possible. While the cook will do her best to accommodate for medical food allergies the site does not make accommodations for personal preferences. Please plan to bring any essential foods that your special diet requires.

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