The Whole Spectrum of Shadows - Level 2

Oct 17, 2020 2:00 pm EDT - Nov 21, 2020 4:00 pm EST
Led by Michael Nelson (Doshin)

Wu Technologies – Fleeting Experiences of Nothingness

We will begin cultivating an understanding of basic Buddhist thought which includes: The Three Marks of Existence, Four Noble Truths, Eight-Fold Path, Three Poisons, Six Consciousnesses, 5 Skandhas, Doctrine of Two Truths, and Eight Consciousnesses of Yogacara.

Then we will explore ways of using language to point and lead into a profound but fleeting experience of Nothingness that includes Awareness of awareness. Both Genpo Roshi and JunPo Roshi are two Western Zen Masters who have developed creative ingenious ways of helping their Western students get a taste of Awareness of awareness.

It has proven particularly useful for Western students to get a taste of what it is they will experience, if they develop the self-discipline required to persevere through years of mediation training and practice. This builds both a conceptual foundation of basic Buddhist thought and fleeting experiences of the “gateless gate” that we will draw upon for the rest of the levels of this course. These experiential explorations include guided meditation, Integral Voice Dialogue, Ego Deconstruction and Conflict Liberation.

The Level 1 sessions are being edited and posted as part of our self-paced course.  We highly recommend going through these sessions if you have not already:  The Whole Spectrum of Shadows Level 1 Self-paced course

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