Rocks and Waters

  • Contact Name: Rev. Kodo Michael Elser
  • Location: 68 Blue Heron Drive, Portsmouth
  • New Hampshire
  • 03810
  • United States
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  • Description

  • Members of our Dharma community have the opportunity to meet regularly for Morning Service, meditation, qigong, discussion and, of course, share a meal. We also meet regularly by Zoom to discuss whatever is “up” for individuals.

    Our emphasis is on cultivating meditative awareness, clear intention (not clouded by shadow), wisdom and compassion. Our tools include disciplined concentration meditation, the Mondo Koan Dialectic, shadow work, Integral understanding and the study of lineage teachings.

  • Offerings

    • Sunday morning zazen at 8:30 am
    • Scheduled Zoom meetings
    • Mondo Zen facilitation and meditation instruction (by appointment)
    • Consultation with an Integral Zen priest (by appointment)
  • Leaders

  • Rev. Kodo Aishi Mike ElserRev. Kodo Aishi Mike Elser was ordained as a Hollow Bones priest by Jun Po Roshi Denis Kelly in 2015. Kodo is helping to build the Integral Zen organization, is co-leading 3-day Integral Mondo Zen Retreats, and is building an awakening community of practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Kodo has played many roles in life: musician, teacher, corporate executive, small business owner, leader in the Mankind Project husband, father, friend.