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4-Day Integral Mondo Zen Retreat

Led by Doshin Roshi
Wubongsa Main Temple – Kwan Um Zen School, , Poland

October 18 - October 21

Wubongsa Main Temple

Join us for this first ever Integral Zen Retreat in the Poland. Expertly led and guided by Doshi Roshi, a Zen Master and lineage holder in the Hollow Bones Zen order, this retreat will be like no other – light, playful, humorous, life-changing, most enlightening and yet deadly serious journey into the luminous darkness; into the natural terrain of who we really are at the deepest level.

As seekers, we endlessly search for a deeper path, which cannot be found outside ourselves, hidden deep inside each one of us, beyond our soulful longing to feel good, find meaning and fulfilment. This path inevitably leads us to the one very place we really do not want to go. It leads deep into the absolute silence of our own inner darkness.

Many are called and very few will actually choose to continue their journey into this darkness, which will ultimately require each of us to let go of our precious attachments to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and then transcend them. Without an experienced guide this journey can be terrifying. With such a guide, who is part of a living lineage and intimately knows the inner territory and pitfalls including an integral understanding of our psychological and cultural shadows, traumas and insecure attachment issues, it can be a profoundly moving and life changing experience.


This retreat is s perfect for practitioners who are looking to go deeper in their practice as well as anyone with an interest in meditation, spirituality or Buddhism. There are no prerequisites apart from an open mind and an open heart. Beginners should be aware there will up to 6 hours a day seated meditation.

The 4-day sesshin will include detailed meditation instruction and guidance, embodiment practice, mixture of seated and walking meditation, one on one support and dharma teachings, all designed to help point out the ever-present silent awareness. It will be an intensive retreat starting at 4.30am and finishing at 9:30pm every day, so please come prepared.

All participants will be invited to be in silence for the whole four days apart from during the Zen Koan practice and in Q&A sessions. We will sit in silence, eat in silence and walk in silence. If you have never given yourself the gift of silence for seven days before then this is the perfect opportunity.

If you have any questions about the retreat then please feel free to contact Joanna Bojczewska, the organiser for the retreat in Poland for Doshin Roshi, at bojczewska@gmail.com

Doshin and the whole UK Integral Mondo Zen Sangha look forward to welcoming you and sitting with you in exquisite silence in the wonderful location of the Wubongsa Temple.


October 18
October 21
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