Dedicated to ending the war within.

The path to awakening is not a straight one. And yet some of us are determined to see our way to the end, which is nothing less than finding our way back to ourselves, into this moment, into this body and mind and through this 21st Century culture, an awakening human being.

What Causes War?

What is Integral?

Integral theory offers a comprehensive view of the entire human being for today’s multi-faceted, multi-viewed world. This includes states and stages of consciousness, adult psychological development, the honoring of all perspectives (without collapsing into any), neurobiology, depth psychology, trauma work, attachment theory and much more.

What is Zen?

Fighting against what is brings only suffering, not wisdom. It brings close-heartedness, not unbounded love. It suppresses vitality, rather than leading to flowing embodied sensuality with all that is. In Zen, we practice dying before we die so we can accept what is, awaken completely, and live fully.

How to Meditate

Zen is coming back to this moment, to the natural, obvious simplicity of our true nature. We teach a particular kind of concentration meditation designed to free the stubbornness of our conditioned views, and to allow what is currently unconscious to become conscious.


We offer retreats, weekly talks, and online programs that allow students to train in the many modalities offered by Integral Zen. Our Program Calendar shows all the places you can gain access to our various offerings.