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What we are up to at Integral Zen:

By releasing emotional attachments and seeing through our delusions of a permanent self, we come to realize the underlying oneness and interconnection of all things.

Thus freeing ourselves from our own habitual conditioning, we liberate the whole world.

A new world, a new understanding is dawning.  Humanity is facing multiple, massive scale challenges on many fronts across the globe.  Old ways and systems are breaking down.  The old way of understanding is no longer adequate for these increasing challenges.  This very moment the old world is dying and a new world is being born.  In the early light of this new day, what can we do in the face of such overwhelming uncertainty?  Where can we turn to find refuge from the escalating conflicts and suffering?

At Integral Zen:

Remaining grounded in awake mind,
While looking from multiple perspectives,
And fearlessly facing everything that is arising,
We transform the world through collaborative action.

Now is the time to Wake up, Grow up, and Show up.

You are invited to join us in practice for the benefit of all beings.